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Q: How safe is Victoria Falls?

A: Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe's biggest tourist attraction and is closely watched by tourism officials from around the world - all reports indicate that Victoria Falls is far removed from all conflict and poses no threat to visitors.

Q: What is the recommended length of stay in Victoria Falls?

A: You should allow yourself a couple of days to properly see and experience the falls. Walking through the park and along the edge of the waterfalls, photographing the different views and appreciating their magnificence will take several hours and you shouldn't be rushed. A sundowner cruise on the Zambezi is highly recommended. Depending on your budget you may want to take the scenic flight over the falls, go on a white water rafting trip - one of the best in the world or go on a canoe trail – these may take up to several days. Also give yourself a day to explore the town, see the sights, the museum and browse craft markets.

Q: What about malaria - should I take any prophylactics?

A: Yes. Depending on which medication you have been advised to take by your pharmacist/doctor - you should start taking them well in advance of entering the country. The side effects may be quite harsh, so it is advised that you take them after supper. Wear light, long-sleeved clothes and take plenty of anti-mosquito lotion or spray to minimise mozzie bites.

Q: What is the best time to visit Victoria Falls?

A: The optimal time to visit Victoria Falls would be between July and September – the water flow is at medium strength, the weather is fantastic and the photo opportunities are wide. Between May and June the Falls will be at its highest flow allowing for great views of Victoria Falls… but most of the photographic viewing points are very wet. This, however, would be the best and optimal time to view the falls from the air! Between October and December the falls are their lowest… with the low water levels you can still experience Victoria Falls. Between January and April the weather is at its hottest with occasional thunderstorms… Views of the mighty Victoria Falls are never disappointing no matter what time of year you visit – you will always leave our rain forest in awe!

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